Written April 1, 2018, by Kenneth Shumaker

Published with InUPress.

Well! I’ve been silent to save annoying you! But I had to write you today.

I wrote two serial series episodes this week, had a failed business work meeting and a successful work proposal, thus, acquiring a job to create a web presence for a business. I’ll be doing the work through InUPress, which will include creating the business its logo, icons (their graphics) and documentation, as well as building them a webpage and producing some videos etc. I also wrote on my Star Grean book series project adding more to its word count on book one, as well as writing the 1st draft of FoTS exercise (#4).

This week I installed a set of new network outlets and lines in my offices as I’m getting ready for the new server, Unicorn Phoenix, which I’m building and installing for InUPress and Knights of the Square Table. I am cleaning and organizing my offices with updating all three of my office’s whiteboard calendars for April, and this week, also I’m working on my businesses and author accounts bookkeeping today.

I have so much which is being accomplished.

As well, after talking with my coach/mentor last week, I’ve come down to refocusing down onto my main commercial publishing project for InUPress, the Star Grean series books project, and my two writing passion projects; writing for Virily and also on my Dragoman Bloodgrue serial series.

All this, while maintaining my income working for the computer repair business. I’m hoping more work starts to flow in soon.

I have been shotgunning on to too many different projects in the last few years, and I am now going to work with rifle shots to see how this works out for me. With so much to be accountable for I keep working forward.

With the anarchy reigning, InUPress published the alternative history steampunk novel, the second edition, written by Eric J Kregel. We launched the novel on March 18th, 2018 on various platforms such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble, and others, as well it is available through InUPress.

But right now, today is Easter for many people. I wish you all, all the best on this day and every day. I wish you a good life, to you all. May your day be blessed for you, your family and friends, with you being healthy, strong and happy!

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May the words stay with you!