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 Laret: Darkness of Souls, by Kenneth Shumaker

Death of Larret Hamlet’s reeve, begins several harrowing events, where the Black Swans form to deal with local threats. Beginning the investigations into Tearmain. Traveling west overland to the river, journeying to reach royal city of Mount Oryn, the Black Swans discover an enemy Tearmain army. In redemption for G, this leads to her becoming known for her abilities and efforts as a strong leader, yet she finds discomfort. Resulting in a desperate protracted confrontation with an army, where a Black Swan is captured, then sacrificed.


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 Exhaust from the Tin Woods, by Eric J Kregel

Eric’s command of the bizarre steampunk alternative history set in Alberta Canada’s deep woods is enticing and evocative, with his unique brand, using the english language. In Exhaust from the Tin Woods, a gaggle of teenage students at an old english professor’s odd manor school for gifted students of the prattling sciences, delve into their adventures, struggling in their life and beliefs, as he brings us to call on our beliefs.

I was entertained and brought forth to think, my original four stars was because I had to really think with his unique usage of wording. I did find the story was five stars.

Review by Kenneth Shumaker, ken@inupress.ca, www.inupress.ca


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Kenneth Shumaker

Following a long break from writing, Kenneth recovered his passion for writing. He is a science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction author with Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress). Kenneth has been blogging with the Owerton Challenge and other blogs. He now writes several serial short stories. Kenneth’s two businesses, his wife, his two children, and his six grandchildren keep him busy.