About the author and publisher:

Kenneth Shumaker (Rusty Knight)

Following a long break from writing, Kenneth recovered his passion for writing. He is a science fiction, fantasy, and nonfiction author with Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress). Kenneth has been blogging with the Owerton Challenge and other blogs since 2009. He now writes several serial short stories. Kenneth’s two businesses, his wife, his two children, and his six grandchildren keep him busy.




About our authors:

Eric J Kregel

Eric J. Kregel is a Christian pastor by day and novelist/storyteller by night. He has worked with some form of the Protestant Christian Church for about 20 years. He holds a BA in English, an MA in Religious Education, 2/3-ish MA in Old Testament Theology, and a Doctorate in Church Leadership. The chief reason he received the doctorate was to get a discount on his ski lift tickets and to sound really smug at parties.

Born and raised in San Jose, United States, he now lives in Edmonton, Canada with his family. He enjoys folk music, storytelling, travelling through time and space, and writing various genres of fiction and nonfiction. 

His blog is at: https://ericjkregel.wordpress.com/ It is a collection of Eric’s writings on faith, art, ethics, society, and stories.

Eric may be reached by contacting InUPress at:



Call InUPress at: 1-780-523-5835

Or through InUPress postal mail at:


Rusty’s Den

Box 3323

High Prairie, Alberta, Canada

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Our author:

Eathel T Carmichael

Eathel lives in McClennan, Alberta, while he his work is in High Prairie. He enjoys reading young adult stories and especial finds interesting stories relating human characteristics to animals in fantasy realms.

Eathel’s first story with us, ‘Animals Strike back‘ was originally published in InUPress’ Dalan ezine though it is now available as a stand alone purchase. Eathel is writing a series of three animal world novels currently. He shares his writing forays with the writing group, the Fellowship of the Scribblers.

About our Editor:

Donna Shumaker (Aria)

I met Kenneth (Rusty Knight) (the moderator of the Quantos realm blogs and my beloved husband) who introduced me into his world of North Amara almost 14 years ago. For several years, myself and various other followers contributed to the ongoing stories. My character, Ta’Myka the elven bard, was one of my characters in one of our fantasy story. It’s exciting to bring her ‘back to life’ in the Bard & Dragoman series. I hope you find her as interesting as I do.

There isn’t much to say about myself; I am really just an average middle-aged woman.  I work in education and have a nursing background. I have two wonderful grown children granting me six grandchildren.