Notes from InUPress

By Kenneth Shumaker

Issue 004

July 10, 2017


Is building a business like playing a video game?


I find that as I’m building my business, I keep returning to computer gaming to relieve stress and relax. It helps, and then the other day it hit me: building my businesses is like play a video game.

Let me explain. The traditional framework for success is already in place for business and gaming. Both are riddled with multiple challenges of varying degrees.

In gaming, most challenges are independent of each other, but when you follow a particular quest, there is a set hierarchy of goals to achieve to reach a conclusion and win the scenario, completing the challenge and possibly leading to more challenges. Each completed challenge has varying rewards. As you work through a quest, there are many ways to fail. But the successful gamer steps back, looks at the steps that he took up to that point and examines where he failed. The player evaluates the choices he made and the subsequent results, and when facing the challenge again, he changes the choices he made that led to that failure. If these changes succeed, he continues on with the next step, continuing with his quest. Thus, succeeding with the challenges.

This is how we build a business. As in gaming, we don’t face only one quest/challenge at a time; we’re juggling multiple challenge quests and must prioritise and focus on the challenges according to reward and immediacy.

What saddens me is that each time I dust myself off after falling and failing a challenge, I find fewer people are accompanying me. I’m finding the old proverb, ‘go the extra mile, it’s never crowded,’ to be truer the farther I go.

I find that the further I go, the more I’ve learned from experiences that can’t be taught in classes, but yet we need mentors to guide us along with these events once we hit these challenges. How ironic – life is full of oxy moronic moments. So, as in gaming, I reset moments when I get stuck, and I ask a friend or colleague how they may have gotten past similar issues. Then I move into the challenge with this new experience and knowledge to face it again, making different choices. In this way, I continue to grow, building my business much as I play my video games.


By, Kenneth Shumaker.

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