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Sincerely, Kenneth with Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress).






We are a small web publisher with a few authors who produce fantasy, non-fiction, science fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, steampunk alternative history, and so much more, in the forms of novels, short stories and various types of series, such as serial series.


Let me introduce myself, I am the author and publisher, Kenneth Shumaker (a.k.a Rusty Knight). I’ve been traditionally published since 1983 and started InUPress in 2016 to publish Canadian authors through our concerted efforts to get our words read by you.


We have authors such as Eric J Kregel’s, with work such as ‘Exhaust from the Tin Woods’, which is a mighty steampunk alternative history yarn set in the Canadian woods of northern Alberta. We also have his paranormal who dun’it short story, ‘The Trouble with Sitting’.

We also have the likes such as the youth writer, Eathel T Carmichael III with his animal short story, ‘Animal’s Strike Back’.


There is also my own medieval fantasy novel, ‘Laret’, and the collection volume of my serial series, of the ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume:s’, of medieval fantasy, along with many other writings.

InUPress has three new books planned for launch in 2018. The second edition of a revised and upgraded, ‘Exhaust from the Tin Woods,’ by Eric Kregel, which we already published in March. My new medieval novel, the first in the ‘Lost Souls,’ trilogy, ‘Larret Army: Rising Souls.’ as well as the sixth installment of the ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume,’ series taking us up to episode 28 of the Bloodgrue serial series.

We are expecting to launch two manuscripts in 2019, Eric’s dramatic Indiana Jones type 1940’s novel, ‘Back at Magwitch’s.’ and my second medieval fantasy novel in the ‘Lost Souls,’ series, ‘Dendar.’ 

As well coming in the 2019 season, we have plans to publish three books for the ‘Star Grean,’ science fiction trilogy by Kenneth Shumaker. This series is based on the serial series hugely popular on the old Niume blog forum for over a year before the forum closed down.

Along with our publishing of these, we will also continue to consistently publish two, possibly three of our short stories. Plus, the Eren’s Challenge sci-fi/fantasy and Morgus medieval fantasy serial series on such platforms on the Virily mass blogging forum every Tuesday and Thursday and as frequently as possible, Notes from InUPress on InUPress and Kenneth Shumaker websites.

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We hope you find the writings of our wordsmiths entertaining, allowing you to relax and escape into our worlds – at least for a few moments. We hope to see you here often.


I’m your author and InUPress publisher, Kenneth Shumaker.


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