Dragoman Bloodgrue, Volume I: Fare Where?, e-copy

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The gods favour the brave, but do they let the brave be fools? Adventure with Bloodgrue as he proves this point. The gods may have plans for Bloodgrue while the Spirits are unaware of them. Let's see in this volume the first of the anthologies of the Dragoman Bloodgrue serial series, Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume I: Fare Where?. A collection of the Episodes 1 through 4 that will each bind you to your reader for fifteen to twenty minutes at a time, telling you stories about Quantos through Bloodgrue's view about the world of North Docks.

The Dragoman Bloodgrue Volumes are also available on Amazon, Kobo and InUPress in e-print and paperback. While the individual series episodes are available on InUPress.ca

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