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Laret: Darkness of Souls

After the death of Larret Hamlet’s Reeve, her father, the mage Tripper turns in the report bonds for Laret fief to Lord Ramson. Following harrowing events, the Black Swans form to deal with local threats, beginning the investigations into Tearmain. With no stone unturned, G, Tripper, Winey, Mi, Jess and Eren seek out Lord Ramson to report on grizzly incidents discovered around Larret Hamlet. Traveling west overland to the river, to reach the royal city of Mount Oryn, the Black Swans discover an enemy Tearmain army. With redemption for G, leading to her becoming known and praised for her ability and efforts as a strong leader and reliable person, she finds discomfort. In a desperate protracted confrontation, a Black Swan is captured, and is sacrificed. Later in dealing with General Isela, events lead to a darker being. This leads to the Black Swans having choices: remain loyal to the Dominnion of Kannoral, convert to the God Tearmain, or switch loyalty to General Selanad, or worse. Conclusion of the one adventure can lead to the next adventure, but they need to surviving this one.

““Laret: Darkness of Souls” is a multi-layered novel from Rusty Knight, that is reminiscent of Terry Brooks, the Dragonlance series, Tad Williams, and other such classics in the fantasy genre.

However, it could be wrongly assumed that this is “just another fantasy novel”. It isn’t. Far from it, in fact: it is a deeper than usual, often genre defying in its approach to story, character, and mood.

The world of Laret is a firm reality. It is where the terrain, magic, and physical properties all have a reason and are substantive. Knight does a great balancing act of introducing us as a reader to a familiar/yet different world, while still delivering a fast paced, ripping yarn.

Knight comes from Alberta and you can feel his Canadian command of the elements.

But Laret is more than just scenery. There are several characters he introduces, juggling about three to four stories that all come to a dramatic conclusion at the end.

This is a good read that I would highly recommend, especially those fantasy lovers who are a bit tired of the newer offerings of darkness, nihilism, and can be ultimately really shallow. Laret will do your soul well!

Review by: Eric J Kregel

From Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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