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Check out this unique medieval fantasy book and send us a comment or review, we appreciate your response. The print and ebook can be found on Amazon and Kobo as well as on InUPress.



This inspired steampunk alternative history take on society is also on Kobo, Etsy and Amazon if you’re curious, or purchase it here from us in ebook or paperback. Wherever you buy it from, leave us a review or comments, we appreciate your response to our writing.





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Kenneth Shumaker

Publisher & Author at Inevitable Unicorn Press
Following a long break from writing, I recovered my passion for writing in 2009, returning to science fiction, sci-fi/fantasy, fantasy, and nonfiction as an author with Inevitable Unicorn Press (InUPress), turning away from the psychically and emotionally draining award-winning poetry of my past. I am now publishing the Owerton Challenge, co-authoring the Bard & Dragoman series, and writing other blogs and publications. I also have available a medieval fantasy novel, titled ‘Laret: Darkness of Souls’ – the first novel of my ‘Lost Souls’ series. I’m also writing several serial short story series. I have two businesses, my wife, two children, and six grandchildren keeping me busy.
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