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The gods favour the brave, but do they let the brave be fools? Bloodgrue adventures forward proving that the gods are blind, or careless. But maybe the gods have plans for Bloodgrue that the spirits are unaware of?

Dragoman Bloodgrue is a fantasy serial series set in the Quantos Dominnion of Kannoral's royal city of Mount Oryn. It takes place mostly in the North Docks district 5, where hearts fall, sword fights break out and a few demon or such visits. Bloodgrue receives a few broken bones and fights fires, all while doing his job escorting people, works with nobles and delivers messages. He learns quick, or pays the price for not learning.

We would enjoy hearing reviews and feedback from you if you check out Dragoman Bloodgrue. Here is a free episode to test our story by Rusty Knight from InUPress.

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