Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume IV: Attractions, e-copy

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This is volume 4 of the Bloodgrue series; it contains a collection of six episodes. The Bloodgrue episodes are short serial fantasy stories. We follow along in the volume with, Bloodgrue experiencing some interesting ‘attractions’ in Volume 4, Attractions.

We read as Bloodgrue is being approached by a potter in Teptun Market and Square. The potter hires Bloodgrue for more than courier work. then after the interaction with the potter, The hunter The Fellow finds Bloodgrue and the two search for a mark, becoming engaged with the city watch. Following in the third episode, Master Tomar, the house master of Pandora, demands that Blood of First Rank attend Pandora house which evolves Bloodgrue's list of antagonists and his career aims. Sometime afterwards, Blue Hair offers Bloodgrue a client with mercenary connections.

When you come to the end of episode 22 of the Bloodgrue series in Volume 4, Attractions, you find where are the attractions.

For more Bloodgrue you’ll just have to read to find out. You can wait for the next Volume, Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume 5: Rulings. Or you can go to www.inupress.ca to purchase more.

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