Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume III, Business, e-copy

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This volume includes episodes 11 - 16:

In this volume we follow Bloodgrue on his business dealings, with harrowing experiences as he gets into trouble physically and socially.

Bloodgrue is hired in Low Tide Docks Ward to find Blue Hair, where trouble ensues, ending in death.

While Bloodgrue is in Teptun Square, he is negotiating with a possible client when a sight stuns Bloodgrue, distracting him. After getting a job with a mage, Bloodgrue takes the client on a three-day journey.

In another ward, after an escort job, Bloodgrue takes a new type of job. Bloodgrue works a contract dispute. Following that, he travels to the mercenary ward several days away, where he finds a lost sailor in need.

Returning to his own home at 4212 Willow Road after many days away, Bloodgrue finds a summons into Western Madison and his new job there as a judge. There he tries two cases with his partner Noah, the peasant-hero.

These and more are the adventures of our apprentice dragoman, Bloodgrue of 4212 Willow road, North Docks District 5, Mount Oryn.

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