Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume II: Breaths, e-copy

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Bloodgrue was introduced in Volume 1, with the first four episodes, now travel north docks meeting Luenen, Noah, Ottar and sailors. Where we see Bloodgrue discover trouble and fortune. Bloodgrue becomes ‘Blood of First Rank’ with Pandora, and also a judge in Western Madison, where he gives his first verdict, all while he is still sixteen years old. Oh yes, let’s not forget about Bloodgrue’s Master, Master Onar.

In volume two, there are episode numbers 5 – 10 of ‘Dragoman Bloodgrue’ from the serial series, collected together for this e-book series which is the collection of fantasy serial short stories by Rusty Knight.

Many enjoyed the character ‘Bloodgrue’ in the ‘Owerton Challenge Blog’. They encouraged Rusty Knight to write the serial short story series ‘Bloodgrue’. After writing over 50 episodes, we are now bringing them together in paperback and e-books, in a collection of each volume containing six episodes.

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