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This month we bring you a new writer from High Prairie, C S Burgar with her
piece, ‘The Mechanics of it All’, a short story with two young slave/servants of a
magical queen, they are trying to escape … but read and see what happens.
Also we bring you the first episode of a popular series of Rusty Knight’s about
the mage, Lanis which is published not only on InUPress, but Niume and Scriggler
as well.
We also have episodes four of both Dragoman Bloodgrue and Markus in this
issue. Find out what those two boys are settling into, as to which Bloodgrue is not so
much settling.
InUPress signed licenses to publish two new novels in September. With Eric J
Kregel who wrote Dalan E-zine Issue One’s, ‘Jarm’s Talent’, and A R Klassen.
Eric is publishing a steampunk novel set in Alberta, Canada, while A R is
writing a novel based in the 1940’s Mississippi.
Rusty has all the feedback returned from his beta readers on his novel, ‘Laret’.
We discovered a flaw and there needs to be a bit of rewriting. So you’ll have to wait
a little while longer. Rusty changed narrative voice style in chapter seven, so he
needs to rewrite the last three chapters of ‘Laret’.
You can start looking for Dragoman Bloodgrue Volume V at the end of October
on Amazon and Kobo, as well as on InUPress.ca.
Dalan E-zine may soon be readable online in the future if all goes well. Rusty
is working on a feed for the magazine.
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