Dalan Ezine Issue 3, e-copy

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This issue features four short stories, of which three stories are fantasy, then with the fourth we switch up to a western.

Our offices are developing nicely, with the renovations progressing slowly. The equipment is arriving and we are acquiring the software to produce Dalan, as well as our author’s works, aiding us in operating as a desktop web publisher.

Our webstore is looking good and we’ve had some good verbal feedback regarding the appearance and functioning of the site. But little in the way of written feedback which is something we are looking for. Interest in the store has increased one-hundred fold and sales are trickling in.

The free downloads are garnering increased attention.

As well, returning visitors to the webpage have increased dramatically from about 12% to over 25% of visitors to our InUPress.ca website.

I have found a company that will do our audio books and recordings for us, so that is a new step as well. We are testing out the Dragoman Bloodgrue episode 001 to see how this works out for us.

Interest in the Facebook’s, Rusty’s Readers Tribe grows weekly, especially in A R’s daily quotes and more Twitter followers spring up daily.

We hope to hear more from you the readers and we’ll interact with you as you comment to us.

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