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This Issue we have two interesting items

The first item is an opportunity for our readers to vote on a sub-title for Laret novel. Read the three suggested sub-titles and then log in and vote for your favorite. If you like, tell us why the one you chose is your favorite. One lucky person will win a free paperback book: ‘Volume Two, Breaths’, of the Bloodgrue series, or you can receive our online pdf version.

The second item of note is similar; you get to chose the title for Rusty Knight’s up-coming sci-fi novel. Use the same method of voting. The prize is a copy of ‘Volume Three: Business’, of the Bloodgrue book.

We keep focused on short stories and WE APPRECIATE your feedback on these stories

Read your chosen stories then send us feedback in the form of a review and we will choose one lucky responder every month to win a copy of a Volume of the Bloodgrue series Books of the winner’s choice. The winner can choose from our store pdf download or the paperback copy of the book. There will be one winner every month until the end of 2016.

For our Subtitle contest go to page 2

For our Sci-fi title contest go to page 22

Each contest description has a brief synopsis to give you a bit of information to help you decide which title you prefer.

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